Required notice from the Virginia State Bar:


“Dear Deb,

I just received a beautiful birthday card from you and I am very touched. It was really kind and thoughtful of you.

I miss my mother so much and it will be the first birthday without her and birthdays were big in our family and getting a card from you, in view of the fact that you are taking care of her estate, is really special.

Thank you so much….”

DW, Massachusetts

“I really want to thank you and your staff for scrambling to complete my will and associated documents so quickly the day before my surgery. I know that it truly was a scramble and involved you working on the weekend and rearranging appointment schedules to accommodate my needs. Yet, through it all, you and your staff maintained a calm and professional demeanor and made it look like all part of the routine. Additionally, I appreciate you and your staff’s concern for my health and a positive outcome from the surgery.

I’m very pleased to report that the surgery went off without incident and none of the documents actually needed to come into play. But I and my loved ones derived great comfort in knowing that if something had gone wrong, all the legal documents were in place, my wishes known, and the ability to carry them out was provided for. Thank you again and please thank your staff for all your efforts on my behalf.”

Mr. N, Reston, Virginia

“My mother and brother think Deb Matthews is the cat’s meow. It’s the only time I’ve ever heard my never-swearing Mother say ‘lawyer’ without a particular swear word typically connected with attorneys and politicians.”

Ms. CS

“When my wife and I first met with Deborah we had a very scattered and incomplete estate plan.  She took the time to forensically look through all of the different investments and planning goals that we had previously set out.  She helped us chart a course for the many “what if” scenarios to ensure that the education of our three children was protected and that the transfer of our family’s estate was shielded from the myriad of tax consequences.  Deborah Matthews is intelligent and sharp, and it is a pleasure to work with her and her staff.  I give my whole hearted recommendation of the Law Office of Deborah G. Matthews.”

MP, Alexandria, Virginia

“Deb Matthews was recommended to us after my father’s death.  Deb lead my elderly, severely hearing-impaired mother (and me!) through the administration of his estate as well as through my mother’s estate planning.

I live out of state and after our initial meeting, I knew we were in good hands.  Deb was sensitive to my mother’s newly widowed status and extremely patient with her.  Deb never rushed us through a meeting, always answered simple questions as if they were the most important ones ever (as indeed they were to my mother), took time explaining each issue (many times more than once!), was compassionate and ALWAYS listened.  She was a lifesaver for both my mother and me.  Our experience was such a positive one.  In addition, Deb responded to my inquiries the same day they were made and Dad’s estate was handled quickly and efficiently, always with graciousness and understanding.  She was thorough, professional, and caring, and I will be eternally grateful for her guidance.”

NB, North Carolina

“Attorney Matthews is a lifesaver.  Her knowledge, skills, and actions are exemplary on all occasions.  Not only has she assisted with settling the estates of several members of my family, but she was there for me when I was taken in by an unscrupulous financial advisor.  I never thought it would happen, but it did.  Attorney Matthews was there to help me.”

Mrs. W,  Silver Spring, Maryland

“Professionally as a real estate appraiser for more than three decades and personally with the estates of both of my parents, I have worked with a number of highly respected attorneys.  But in our planning, my wife and I put our trust in Deborah Matthews.   We have a merged family with seven children who all have (and will have) different abilities and needs.  The thought of planning for their future needs was emotionally difficult and economically challenging to us.  Deborah provided the practical and personal wisdom to address our thoughts and concerns, and the business and legal knowledge to put our desires into a formal estate plan.  She has the personal qualities to deal with people’s emotions and views to create complex instruments that are understandable and agreeable for all.   I highly recommend Deborah to anyone who needs an estate plan, and everyone should.

Recently I went to a bank in our small hometown to open some new accounts.  I told our banker to make sure that they were in the names of our two revocable trusts.  When she asked for the name of the trust, I told her no, there were two trusts – one for my wife and one for me.  She stopped what she was doing, looked me straight in the face and said, “two trusts, who is your estate attorney?”  I told her Deborah Matthews.  The banker had worked in a large urban area and dealt with trusts all of the time and so was very familiar with their purposes and end results.  She said the use of two revocable trusts was very smart and that I must have a really good attorney.  I just smiled and said we do.”

DB, Orange, Virginia

“We were referred to Deborah Matthews by our financial planner in 2007 and have sought her counsel several times since then.  During our initial estate planning discussions, she explained the legal terms, applicable law, and implementing procedures in layman’s terms for us.  She thoroughly laid out our options for trusts, wills, durable powers of attorney, medical directives, etc. to ensure that our estates would protect and benefit our survivors.  Deb continues to be available to assist us when necessary, remembers who we are, and has our utmost confidence.  As novices to estate planning, we were given sound advice from someone who knew the relevant laws and took the time to understand our thoughts and goals.”

Mr. and Mrs. W, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia