Taxpayer Identity Theft – Protect Yourself

March 29, 2015

For the second time this week, someone I know has become the victim of identity theft.  Again the person’s Social Security number was used fraudulently to file something with the IRS. As I write each year, taxpayer identity theft is an ever growing problem. The best preventive option is to file your tax returns as… Read more »

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Facebook: Ok to Name Account Manager For When a User Dies

February 12, 2015

As I’ve previously written, digital property presents unique challenges in estate planning.  What happens with your digital life when you die or if you are in a coma? Facebook announced a new feature today that will permit users to provide a contact who can manage the user’s page after the user’s death.  Or users can… Read more »

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Technology Changing and Improving Home Care for Sick and Frail Adults

January 10, 2015

As any caregiver can tell you, there’s never enough time in the day or help to get everything done.  Many are turning to digital resources to help care for loved ones who are ill or for frail elders. These digital resources can be hardware, websites, apps, webinars, or videos on YouTube. This comprehensive piece from… Read more »

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Are You Backing Up Your Digital Life?

January 8, 2015

The holidays were filled with lots of wonderful opportunities to take pictures. Then those photos were downloaded to computers with the thought they would be held for safekeeping. But are they really secure? Many people were the happy recipients of new laptops or desktop computers that they are now happily using. Was a backup system… Read more »

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Obituaries – Life’s Stories and Lessons on Living Life Better

December 16, 2014

When I was reporter for The Atlanta Constitution, my colleagues and I had deep respect for those who wrote obituaries, stories on how a life had been lived.  As an attorney handling estate matters, both planning and administration, I know writing an obit is a solemn and often sad task. As this article describes, many… Read more »

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Is Your Financial Advisor Legally Required to Act Only for Your Benefit?

October 27, 2014

When you seek guidance from a professional financial advisor, do you know to which standard your advisor must comply?  Is it the lower “suitability” standard or the higher “fiduciary” standard? With the fiduciary standard, the registered investment adviser (RIA) is legally required to act for the sole benefit of and in the best interest of… Read more »

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Have Medicare Part D? This is an important day

October 15, 2014

Simply assuming your current Part D plan is still your best option can cost you money. Do you have new prescription medications? Have any of your prescription dosages changed? Have you moved within your state so a different pharmacy is now more convenient? Take the time to consider which plan is best for your current… Read more »

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Finding Family Members: Virtual Genealogy Fair

October 8, 2014

If you have looked for family members to add to your family tree, you’ve probably visited the National Archives.  You don’t have to travel to DC to tap into the treasure trove inside that majestic building.  Federal records can be accessed online at no cost from the comfort of your home. Later this month the… Read more »

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Retired and Considering Remarrying? Consider how Social Security benefits will change

September 23, 2014

For three in four single retirees more than half of their income comes from Social Security. A divorced retiree who was married for at least a decade is entitled to spousal Social Security benefits, the same as if they were still married. The benefits are available even if the ex-spouse remarries. That eligibility ends when… Read more »

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Elder Justice Initiative – Help for Victims, Loved Ones, and Other Professionals

September 9, 2014

Each year about 1 in 10 seniors age 60+ is abused.  And yet, abuse of elders is significantly underreported, only about 1 in every 23 cases. A new Elder Justice resource came online this week.  This US Department of Justice website targets abuse and financial exploitation of the elderly. One section is for victims and… Read more »

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