New Medicare Tool

November 17, 2015

medicare toolAnyone who is approaching age 65 or already has Medicare knows it is a challenge to sort out the various options and then decide on which Medicare plan to select.

That chore just got easier – there’s a new online tool to help you to make informed decisions about which plan will serve your needs best and be the most cost effective for you.

The National Council on Aging has partnered with Aon Retiree Health Exchange to offer this way for you to compare plans and then easily select and enroll in healthcare coverage.

If you are 64, you will need to know about the initial enrollment period – that seven month period surrounding your 65th birthday.

After taking the assessment you will get a personalized report.   Use the online tool to learn when to sign-up for Medicare or when it would be best for you to delay.   Find out if you are eligible for assistance in paying your healthcare costs.

This Medicare QuickCheck is a useful entry into Medicare coverage options.

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