How Livable is Your Community to Those 50+?

April 21, 2015
Livability Index

photo credit: DSC_0121 via photopin (license)

If you are thinking about where you want to live in retirement or how to make your community more friendly to an aging population, the AARP has created an online tool for you.

The goal of the AARP Livability Index is to identify the most livable places.  It is based on interviews with 4,500 Americas who are at least age 50 and data was collected from Census information, federal and state databases, and hundreds of data streams.

The AARP Public Policy Institute considered 60 factors to rate communities in seven areas — housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement, and opportunity – and came up with an overall livability score.  The data can be viewed in segments as small as a single zip code.

In addition to being useful in deciding where one might want to retire, the analysis results are also a good opportunity for local communities and city planners to see how they can better serve aging populations.

Check out your community’s livability score and see how it is compares.

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