Helping Others: Navy Yard Families

December 11, 2013

I was surprised today to be recognized for my pro bono work by the Fairfax Bar Association. I accepted a call to help the family of one of the Navy Yard shooting victims with legal questions regarding funerals, probate, insurance, claims, and other immediate needs.

When I met with family members to work through the estate administration process, it soon became clear that there were also tax issues to be addressed. I contacted Debbie Stokes, CPA, with whom I have worked frequently on estate matters, to ask if her firm would be willing to prepare tax returns on a pro bono basis. I am pleased that Debbie and KWC readily agreed to help my client.

Then I learned that there was a related issue in Florida. I reached out to a colleague there, Cynthia VanDeVoorde Hall, Esq. and asked if her firm would help with the Florida matter. She too agreed to help pro bono.

So while the Fairfax Bar Association acknowledged my willingness to help, that recognition is properly shared with the others who are also helping my client without requiring payment.

(Posted with client approval)

Thank You for Navy Yard Family Support

Thank you to the many Fairfax Bar Association members who volunteered their services to aid the families of Navy Yard shooting victims. We had many more volunteers than families requesting services. The outpouring of support from FBA members was greatly appreciated by the Navy response team. They extend their gratitude to the FBA and the members who offered assistance. A special thanks goes out to FBA members Cary Z. Cucinelli, Deborah G. Matthews, and Alison Noll who provided tremendous support to three local families. Also thanks to Commissioner of Accounts John H. Rust, Jr. for his offer of staff assistance to all of the families in matters relating to the Commissioner’s office. This was a great example of prompt and timely community support from the Fairfax Bar Association. (Reprinted from Fairfax Bar Association eNewsletter)

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