New Medicare Tool

November 17, 2015

medicare toolAnyone who is approaching age 65 or already has Medicare knows it is a challenge to sort out the various options and then decide on which Medicare plan to select.

That chore just got easier – there’s a new online tool to help you to make informed decisions about which plan will serve your needs best and be the most cost effective for you.

The National Council on Aging has partnered with Aon Retiree Health Exchange to offer this way for you to compare plans and then easily select and enroll in healthcare coverage.

If you are 64, you will need to know about the initial enrollment period – that seven month period surrounding your 65th birthday.

After taking the assessment you will get a personalized report.   Use the online tool to learn when to sign-up for Medicare or when it would be best for you to delay.   Find out if you are eligible for assistance in paying your healthcare costs.

This Medicare QuickCheck is a useful entry into Medicare coverage options.

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Technology Changing and Improving Home Care for Sick and Frail Adults

January 10, 2015

As any caregiver can tell you, there’s never enough time in the day or help to get everything done.  Many are turning to digital resources to help care for loved ones who are ill or for frail elders. These digital resources can be hardware, websites, apps, webinars, or videos on YouTube. This comprehensive piece from… Read more »

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Have Medicare Part D? This is an important day

October 15, 2014

Simply assuming your current Part D plan is still your best option can cost you money. Do you have new prescription medications? Have any of your prescription dosages changed? Have you moved within your state so a different pharmacy is now more convenient? Take the time to consider which plan is best for your current… Read more »

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Preventing Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

June 25, 2014

The good folks at the Consumer Financial Protection Board are at it again. This time they are warning about financial exploitation of residents in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. The CFPR has published a manual for operators and staff of nursing homes or assisted living facilities to protect vulnerable residents, those older and/or disabled…. Read more »

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Healthiest States for Seniors

June 19, 2014

Where does your state stand in the America’s Health Rankings Senior Report? Ranked as the healthiest states for seniors, overall Maryland was 10th and Virginia was 21st, DC was not ranked.  Each state’s strengths and challenges are identified. The United Health Foundation Report focused on what determines the overall health outcomes for those 65 and… Read more »

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Senior Health Website

April 6, 2014

Information on about anything can be found everywhere. Going through all of that information is mind-numbing and can be confusing too. If you’re looking for information related to the health of older Americans, the National Institutes of Health has a website for you. This NIGSeniorHealth website was recently renovated keeping in mind that many of… Read more »

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Senior Citizens Handbook: Answers, Information, & Resources in Virginia

March 9, 2014

For senior citizens, their loved ones, and caregivers, many, many questions can arise. Finding answers can seem overwhelming and very time consuming. In Virginia, there is an information rich 112-page book that covers all aspects of senior living. For more than three decades the Virginia State Bar has published the Senior Citizens Handbook: Laws &… Read more »

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Checking Out Your Doctor

February 27, 2014

Frequently I am contacted because a prospective client is facing a pending medical procedure and wants to have a medical agent nominated and other estate planning issues addressed. As you consider a medical procedure, what do you really KNOW about your doctor other than she seems to make sense or he took his time in… Read more »

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I’m a Successor Trustee, Now What?

November 17, 2013

You know your loved one or friend named you as trustee.  You get a call that she has been in a terrible accident.  You then realize she cannot tend to her financial matters for the near future.  Do you know how to locate her lawyer to help you get started as successor trustee?   After contacting… Read more »

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What’s A Power of Attorney Agent To Do

November 3, 2013

If you’ve been named as an agent in someone’s power of attorney, do you know what to do? Or what not to do?  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has published a fact packed guide to help agents (attorneys-in-fact) with their fiduciary duties.

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