Finding Family Members: Virtual Genealogy Fair

October 8, 2014

If you have looked for family members to add to your family tree, you’ve probably visited the National Archives.  You don’t have to travel to DC to tap into the treasure trove inside that majestic building.  Federal records can be accessed online at no cost from the comfort of your home. Later this month the… Read more »

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Elder Justice Initiative – Help for Victims, Loved Ones, and Other Professionals

September 9, 2014

Each year about 1 in 10 seniors age 60+ is abused.  And yet, abuse of elders is significantly underreported, only about 1 in every 23 cases. A new Elder Justice resource came online this week.  This US Department of Justice website targets abuse and financial exploitation of the elderly. One section is for victims and… Read more »

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Get A Car Insurance Discount, But You’ll Get Carded

July 8, 2014

Many complain that with turning 50 they started to get mail from AARP.  Maybe the news that taking AARP Smart Driver™ Course can reduce the cost of car insurance will leave a more favorable impression. In Virginia, DC, and 32 other states, if you take the AARP course in a classroom, your insurance company is… Read more »

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Preventing Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

June 25, 2014

The good folks at the Consumer Financial Protection Board are at it again. This time they are warning about financial exploitation of residents in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. The CFPR has published a manual for operators and staff of nursing homes or assisted living facilities to protect vulnerable residents, those older and/or disabled…. Read more »

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Healthiest States for Seniors

June 19, 2014

Where does your state stand in the America’s Health Rankings Senior Report? Ranked as the healthiest states for seniors, overall Maryland was 10th and Virginia was 21st, DC was not ranked.  Each state’s strengths and challenges are identified. The United Health Foundation Report focused on what determines the overall health outcomes for those 65 and… Read more »

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Tax Free Hurricane Preparedness

May 20, 2014

Tax Free Hurricane Preparedness Days in Virginia From Sunday, May 25, through Saturday, May 31, 2014, you can buy certain items tax free to prepare your home and business as hurricane season approaches. Some of the qualifying products are ice packs, batteries, radios, tarps, plastic sheeting, bungee cords, duct tape, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors,… Read more »

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Emergency Preparedness

April 8, 2014

Because Spring will arrive one day, download a free Ready Virginia app now so you are prepared when a weather emergency strikes. You can use the template on these interactive apps to create a customized emergency plan for your family to share. They also includes National Weather Service watches and warnings, local emergency management disaster… Read more »

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Funeral Choices

April 2, 2014

As family and friends face the loss of a loved one, they are also often thrust into becoming instant funeral service consumers. The choices can be overwhelming and the costs significant. I talk with my clients about the gift of making pre-need arrangements – funeral, cremation, burial, etc. I describe pre-planning as a gift because… Read more »

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So You’re 18

March 28, 2014

This week I had the privilege of addressing the senior class of The GW Community School about the changes that accompany an 18th birthday. With this bright, engaging group we talked about the rights they now have as well as the responsibilities they face. I gave each senior a copy of “So You’re 18,” published… Read more »

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Checking Out Your Doctor

February 27, 2014

Frequently I am contacted because a prospective client is facing a pending medical procedure and wants to have a medical agent nominated and other estate planning issues addressed. As you consider a medical procedure, what do you really KNOW about your doctor other than she seems to make sense or he took his time in… Read more »

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