Thanksgiving: A Time for Family and For Remembering

November 24, 2015

photo credit: Reading via photopin (license)

As you and your loved ones gather this Thanksgiving, part of the conversation is likely to include those not sitting around the food laden table.  Family unknown to some at the table.

This year, consider joining the StoryCorps project called The Great Thanksgiving Listen to record the memories and lives of your elders.  Memorialize their stories for future generations.

Simply sit down to talk with an elder and preserve the story you are being told.  There is now an app to use in recording these oral histories and contributing them to the archive in The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.  The app is available from the Apple app store or Google Play.

For a dozen years StoryCorps has been collecting the stories of people’s lives as told in their own words.  Some of those recorded stories have been heard on NPR.  These oral histories can be viewed or heard from StoryCorps or The American Folklife Center.

What a gift to preserve the life story of someone near and dear to you and share it with others.

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