Technology Changing and Improving Home Care for Sick and Frail Adults

January 10, 2015

digital resourcesAs any caregiver can tell you, there’s never enough time in the day or help to get everything done.  Many are turning to digital resources to help care for loved ones who are ill or for frail elders.

These digital resources can be hardware, websites, apps, webinars, or videos on YouTube.

This comprehensive piece from PBS NewsHour examined the many types of technology that are available to assist caregivers, family, and friends.  Topics included health care; monitoring for safety; help for caregivers; communications, scheduling, and information sharing; and other information and resources.

It references the Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA), a nonprofit formed more than three decades ago to assist families and friends caring for loved ones at home.

FCA also has state-by-state information to help caregivers on public, private, and nonprofit programs and services.

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