Retired and Considering Remarrying? Consider how Social Security benefits will change

September 23, 2014

Social Security benefitsFor three in four single retirees more than half of their income comes from Social Security.

A divorced retiree who was married for at least a decade is entitled to spousal Social Security benefits, the same as if they were still married. The benefits are available even if the ex-spouse remarries.

That eligibility ends when the divorced retiree remarries. The benefits are no longer based on the ex-spouse’s earning history. Instead benefits will be based on the new spouse’s earnings.

A widow or widower is entitled to survivor benefits. However, as this article from Daily Finance discusses, the rules are complex when a widow or widower remarries.

The Social Security Administration has a Survivors Planner for widows and widowers and a Retirement Planner for those who are divorced.

If you are a single retiree contemplating marrying again, understanding these rules will help ensure you won’t face unintended consequences after blissfully saying I do.

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