Senior Health Website

April 6, 2014

Doctor Speaking with PatientInformation on about anything can be found everywhere. Going through all of that information is mind-numbing and can be confusing too. If you’re looking for information related to the health of older Americans, the National Institutes of Health has a website for you.

This NIGSeniorHealth website was recently renovated keeping in mind that many of its visitors will be older. Viewers can change the text size and the contrast. Videos are provided there for your viewing pleasure.

Today there are 63 health topics. New material and topics continue to be added.

You can sign up for free e-mail tips on healthy aging. I plan to sign up my Aunt Ruth, who is in her 90s. These tips will help her stay active and healthy.

The American Geriatrics Society, health care professionals focused our elders, has had its experts review material on the NIGSeniorHealth website.

This website is a useful place to start for older Americans, their loved ones, friends, and caregivers.

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